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Hello! This is my blog where I'll keep you up to date with a variety of tips and treats - from seasonal recipes full of immune boosting nutrients to the latest research on acupuncture for fertility. You can search the blog using the search bar in the top right, or scroll down to read my posts!

One of the things I've always loved about Chinese medicine is that it doesn’t differentiate between our physical and emotional selves; acute anxiety is as disabling as a broken leg. I talk a little bit about how we handle anxiety, and how people are feeling at the moment in these strange times.

This week I’ve been seeing a lot of people in pain and I’d like to give my thoughts and experience in treating pain with acupuncture. Pain is complicated, and whilst acupuncture can really help, it's really just one of the tools that we can use to address pain together.

Roses are super heroes in almost every type of medicine you look at. Therapeutically they ease periods back into a regular pattern, smooth out period pains and gently calm hormonal mood swings. Enjoying the scent of roses is something that we can still do for ourselves and sometimes it’s the small things that can open up our sense of being able to tackle the bigger stuff.

Rose-geranium oil has a whole host of therapeutic properties; from a relaxing scent that soothes anxiety to great natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. But you don't need a distillery to make it yourself - so here is a recipe for making a dilute version at home!

A recipe for a skin cream that you can make at home; particularly useful if you're avoiding artificially scented cosmetics for fertility or skin health!

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