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Looking after you!

As the nation enters another lockdown we would like to reassure you that as a medical acupuncture practice we will be able to stay open and continue seeing patients. Patients are allowed to travel to attend their appointments, and we can provide you with evidence of your appointment to facilitate this.

We've made some changes to the way we work to keep you safe and comfortable, so our clinic may look a little different when you visit, but you'll still enjoy the treatment that you've come to know and love.

What you can do to help:

We're asking all of our patients to make a few changes to help us keep our community safe. Before your appointment please:

  • Do fill in our corona-virus consent form below

  • Do try and attend your appointment on your own, unless you really need to bring your child or carer

  • Do get in touch with Lilla if you or anyone in your household is considered vulnerable or extremely vulnerable

    • If it isn't safe to see you in person, Lilla may be able to offer some online or telephone support

  • Do bring along any PPE that would make you more comfortable

  • Do try and be as punctual as possible so that you don't have to overlap with anyone else leaving or entering the building (Lilla has promised to mend her ways šŸ¤£)

  • Don't attend the clinic if you or anyone in your household is self isolating or displaying symptoms

When you arrive for your appointment please:

  • Do go straight upstairs and thoroughly wash your hands

  • Do take a seat in the upstairs waiting room for Lilla to come and get you

  • Do maintain social distancing wherever possible

  • Do avoid unnecessary contact with anything in the building

  • Do let Lilla know if you would like to use a disposable face mask

What we're doing to help you

In line with Government, PHE, and BAcC guidelines we are:

  • Screening all clinic visitors for symptoms of COVID-19

  • Carrying out a full risk assessment

  • Adapting the clinic layout and the way we work in order to maintain social distancing measures

  • Wearing PPE ourselves when necessary, and offering disposable face-masks to our patients if required

  • Encouraging thorough hand hygiene in our clinic, and making hand washing facilities more available

  • Encouraging contactless payments to reduce the risks associated with handling cash and cheques

Thank you for your patience and support and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!