Comfort & Safety

Acupuncture really shouldn’t hurt. If a practitioner causes pain inserting acupuncture needles then it is almost always down to poor training. Always ask your acupuncturist how long their training took! – Dr Lilla Cooper

Acupuncture needles are so fine that they can barely be felt. Occasionally a sensation described as tingling or a dull ache can be felt.

The needles are left in place for around 20 to 30 minutes, and during this time many patients experience a feeling of heaviness, floating, or just a pleasant relaxation.

Does it hurt?

It really doesn’t! Dr Lilla Cooper treats young children, and occasionally pets too! It’s hard to imagine if you haven’t been to a skilled acupuncturist before, but almost everyone falls asleep.

Is it safe?

facial acupuncture ulverstonAbsolutely, acupuncture from a properly trained acupuncturist is completely safe. The British Acupuncture Council follows a thorough code of practice, and all acupuncture needles are sterile, single use, and safely disposed of after use. These procedures have all been approved by the Department of Health.

The indications for acupuncture, and the contraindications to it, will vary with the level of training and the experience of the practitioner. For an acupuncturist who has a profound knowledge of the subject, the range of conditions for which acupuncture may safely be used is greater than for someone of more limited ability. – The World Health Organisation

Questions, listening, and observation

girl receiving acupuncture for back pain

A session with Dr Lilla Cooper will take about an hour.

Dr Lilla Cooper will ask lots of questions and listen to you describe what is happening for you in detail. If necessary Lilla will then examine you and take a tongue and pulse reading. The examination may require Lilla to look at the affected area, watch you move, and use some touch and palpation if you are comfortable with this. It’s best to wear comfortable, loose clothing to help with this.


“Lilla, you truly are a brilliant acupuncturist. Thank you so much for showing me such great care when I was at my most vulnerable” – S

The treatment

Next Lilla may use a combination of specialist massage (Tui Na), stretching, cupping, and moxa, along with acupuncture. This takes about 30 minutes.


At the end of your acupuncture session Lilla may give you some self-help guidelines including reading materialpersonalised exercisesnutritional advice, and other “homework“.

If you are able to follow this self-help it will usually enhance you treatment and recovery.

self help advice books

“After suffering from increasing pain and discomfort from peripheral neuropathy in my feet and lower limbs I visited Dr Lilla Cooper for acupuncture. After several treatments I am extremely pleased that I am experiencing an 85% improvement in the condition which has been maintained for many months now!” – B