Meet Lilla

Dr Lilla Cooper has been a TCM practitioner in Cumbria for over 20 years. As part of her TCM practice Lilla uses acupuncturemassageTui Nacuppingmoxanutritional advicestretching exercises, and movement advice.

Dr Lilla Cooper

Lilla gained a doctorate in cancer research in 1989 and was involved in post doctoral research in Britain, United States and Japan. In Japan Lilla found acupuncture to be widely used in mainstream medicine and began an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This led to 7 years of training in acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

I don’t know if it’s reassuring for my patients to know that I started training as a vet! But since I left school I’ve always been involved in medicine. I love it that I now treat dogs with acupuncture for my local vet; things have come full circle! – Dr Lilla Cooper

Lilla studied acupuncture and TCM for 3 years at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, and Chinese Herbal Medicine for 4 years with Prof. Shulan Tang at Shizhen College in Manchester. Lilla helped to establish the first MSc course in acupuncture in the UK, and is a very well respected practitioner who is known to get good results. Lilla is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, and is also a Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist, ensuring a high professional standard.

I am lucky to sometimes treat professional footballers, concert pianists, hill farmers, and collie dogs all on the same day! – Dr Lilla Cooper

Dr Lilla CooperLilla owns and runs The Little Green Clinic, a busy clinic at 19 Market Street in Ulverston, Cumbria.

In her spare time, Lilla can be found growing organic vegetables, fell running, doing Yoga in her garden, writing, and generally enjoying nature.

Lilla has a keen interest in nutrition and healthy eating. She has grown her own organic food for the last 20 years, and keeps a handful of very lovely chickens. She also tends a couple of beehives for honey, beeswax, and propolis.

I think my background in so many types of medicine gives me a really helpful insight into what’s going on for people. It helps me make sense of complicated conditions. I love helping my patients feel more in control of their situation, by having a better understanding of what’s happening for them. That’s when I really see changes starting to happen. – Dr Lilla Cooper

You can find lots of Lilla’s seasonal and therapeutic recipes on her blog.