Fertility Support

Fertility Support

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For the last 20 years Dr Lilla Cooper has specialised in using acupuncture to supportĀ  both natural conception and also the full range of assisted fertility treatments that are in current use. Lilla has seen thousands of couples over the years and, alongside theĀ Zita West Clinic, has built up a strong knowledge base. Lilla is able to offer the nutritional advice guidance and help sheets drawn up by the Zita West Clinic.

Fertility medicine has many grey areas, and leading consultants frequently have conflicting views on diagnosis and how to address treatment. Lilla is able to discuss all potential options so that her clients have a good understanding of their choices.


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Over the years I’ve seen clients going to clinics all over the world; Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, Florida, Leeds, Manchester, London, and Liverpool. I truly believe that the more patients understand and have a sense of control in their treatments, the more able they are to minimise their stress and reach their goal as quickly as possible. – Dr Lilla Cooper

Lilla also provides support through related conditions, such as recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy complications.

Without a doubt, one of the hardest things I see is a couple struggling to have a baby. And without question, the best moment in my day is when parents bring their new, precious, hard earned baby in to meet me for the first time! That’s when I love my job and feel the most privileged person in the world! – Dr Lilla Cooper